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Short stories
It had a hyperoon or upper story which extended only over part of the building and was reached by a staircase on the outside. It was an old-fashioned, but very convenient style of architecture, especially when this upper story was used for guest rooms. In those days, when taverns were almost unknown, nearly every house annually received visits from distant guests who, on the great festivals, came to Athens to attend the111 processions and torch-races, or the performances in the Theatre of Dionysus. Both stories were so low that a man, by standing on another鈥檚 shoulders, could have reached the roof with a staff. Nevertheless, the house had a certain air of distinction from being enthroned on a huge limestone rock, in whose crumbling sides ten or twelve steps were hewn.!
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鈥淗ow beautiful you are, dear!鈥 exclaimed little Coronis, pressing a light kiss on her friend鈥檚 shoulder. 鈥淲hat a complexion鈥攚hat is the finest Syrian stuff compared with its smoothness!鈥
With these words she drew the curtain of the tent aside. Before them lay the glittering sea, furrowed with its greenish billows, which seemed to roll sleepily away in the sunshine. In the distance two of the Cyclades raised their rocky heights towards the sky, and far away to the north towered some bluish-black clouds, so sharply outlined against the clear azure of the heavens that they resembled jagged mountain peaks.
鈥淎las! he is no longer the same person!鈥 said Phorion gravely. 鈥淕rief and sickness have prematurely aged him.... All his misery was brought upon him by a dishonest slave.鈥
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